Saas Growth Tools Empowers Instagram Users to Quickly Expand Follower Base

Aug 4, 2020

Saas Growth Tools is offering new strategies, which, coupled with great content can be employed to record a steady increase in the number of credible and authentic users.

August 5, 2020 —

Saas Growth Tools, a social-media marketing and affiliate-management firm, has launched new tools to help Instagram users expand their follower base. Persons, companies or social entities looking to expand their follower base can now use services from Saas Growth Tools to help speed up the journey towards a credible user base using the firm’s techniques and strategies.

As in any social media, the number of followers lends credibility to any Instagram account. Saas Growth Tools is offering new strategies, which, coupled with great content can be employed to record a steady increase in the number of credible and authentic users. Such explosive growth might not be possible without promotion and pointed, follower-building strategies. The firm uses the Mother-Child method to grow accounts, which is a proven technique that has been found to give quick results within a short period of time.

Saas Growth Tools employs various websites to cater to different needs of customers. At ViralGram, the company employs the Mother-Child strategy to quickly increase the number of followers for customers. The firm uses a different strategy at SocialGram, where thousands of daily interactions are performed with users in a particular niche for the benefit of a particular Instagram account. This elicits attention from the targeted group, which in turn could increase interactions such as likes, comments and so on.

At, and, other strategies are put to test. All of them however lead to increased attention on the Instagram account of the customer. The aim is to elicit more focus on the customers' accounts through cleverly-directed content and interactions that in turn would induce reciprocation from the selected audience.

Targeted marketing is key to the success of the Mother-Child model. The firm can identify niches relevant to the customer that have high chances to contribute followers and then aggressively focus its marketing initiatives on them.

The advantage of Saas Growth Tools is that it does not require the password of the Instagram account that it is promoting. Once a username is received, the firm employs a set of tools to increase traffic to that Instagram account.

Outsourcing Instagram-promotion strategies to Saas Growth Tools ensures professional response, guaranteed results, and quick turnaround times. The firm offers the services of a dedicated account manager who can plan strategies to attract credible followers.

Alternatively, customers can use a collaborative model of development. They can mention a few Instagram accounts and hashtags that they would like to attract and the programme manager can ensure that the target group is effectively addressed to ensure more followers. Customers can opt for a free trial and complete the setup in two minutes.

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