How Tree Removal In Canberra Saved The Home Of A Young Family

Feb 28, 2021

A young family from Canberra has benefited greatly from a switched on arborist and some quick tree removal that has potentially saved their house and some expensive repairs.

Hackett, Australia - February 28, 2021 /PressCable/ —

A young family in Canberra are thanking their lucky stars that they decided to remove a large and overbearing gum tree from their backyard earlier this month. The Robertson family from Griffith in Canberra’s southern suburbs had some concerns about a young gum tree in their yard that was growing quite rapidly, there were several branches that they were getting a bit worried about as they were dangling right over their youngest child bedroom.

Claire Robertson, the mother of the family stated that “We were a bit worried about 2 of the branches, they had grown so quickly over the last year or so and were getting quite thick and heavy looking, in strong wind we could hear them making noises and we just didn’t feel comfortable having them hanging right over our child’s bedroom, we were just very worried they might snap off at any time and cause some serious damage or injuries.”

Unfortunately for the Robertson family, falling branches weren’t their only worry – when they brought in local Arborists from the team at Tree Removal Canberra to fully inspect the tree and give them some options, they soon learn that the root system was also threatening their house. Luke Nixon from Tree Removal Canberra was happy to fill us in on the details, “When we arrived we thought we might just need to remove a few branches and give the tree a good trim however upon arrival we realized the tree was particularly close to their house, and the branches werent the biggest threat but the tree root system which was working its way under their housing foundations and threatening to crack their house slab. Tree roots can be very strong and cause a lot of damage to concrete slabs, pathway and driveways, so it’s important to keep an eye out for any early signs of concrete stress.”

Fortunately for the Robertson’s they were advised of this issue before any major damage occurred to their house foundations and the tree was promptly removed the following week. “We were in total shock when we heard about this issue, we thought the branches were the biggest concern but realising that the roots were also going to cause serious problems made out decision pretty easy, the tree had to go.” stated Mrs Robertson. “We had no idea they could be this much of a problem, i mean it’s just a tree!”

Tree roots causing damage to property is not a new phenomenon, but quite often unsuspecting house owners will plant certain tree varieties too close to their house, garage or garden shed and only realize a few years down the line that serious damage has occurred and now the tree needs to be removed, quite often urgently, as tree roots can be incredibly strong and resilient. Generally once the tree and stump have been removed the root system will die off on its own.

Mr Nixon also stated “They got quite lucky this time and it was a good thing that they called us, even if it was for a different issue, another 12 months and they could have been facing some very expensive as removing the tree would be too late, and the roots will have done enough damage, so all in all we were able to remove the tree in good time and same them a lot of hassle. If you ever have any doubts about your trees, whether their structural integrity, their branches, or their roots, its always a good idea to get an arborist to check them out as it could save you a lot more money down the line.”

If you’re in the Canberra area and you have a tree or two you have concerns about, you can contact Paul and his team at Tree Removal Canberra at their company website.

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