Philippine FDA orders Sanofi to take down dengue vaccine ads

Jan 3, 2017

The Philippine Food and Drug Administration has ordered pharmaceutical giant Sanofi Pasteur Inc. to stop airing television and radio advertisements for its dengue vaccine in violation of a ban on promoting prescription or ethical drugs in mass media

Nothing to see here: Southeast Asia flummoxed by haze study

Sep 21, 2016

Indonesian, Malaysian and Singaporean authorities have dismissed research that smoky haze from catastrophic forest fires in Indonesia last year caused 100,000 deaths

Study estimates 100,000 deaths from Indonesia haze

Sep 19, 2016

Indonesian forest fires that choked a swath of Southeast Asia with a smoky haze for weeks last year may have caused more than 100,000 deaths, according to new research that will add to pressure on Indonesia's government to tackle the annual crisis

Thailand to crack down on Zika breeding spots

Sep 16, 2016

Authorities in Thailand seeking to curb the growing number of Zika cases say they will criminally charge homeowners who fail to remove mosquito breeding grounds on their property

Philippines suspends scallops linked to Hawaii outbreak

Sep 13, 2016

The Philippine government has suspended distribution of seafood believed to be the cause of a hepatitis A outbreak in Hawaii

Singapore investigating Zika strain as infections rise

Sep 13, 2016

Singapore says it is investigating the severity of its locally transmitted Zika virus, amid a rising number of cases

Thai palace: King's kidneys still not functioning properly

Sep 7, 2016

Thailand's royal palace says King Bhumibol Adulyadej's kidneys are still not functioning properly, but infections plaguing the 88-year-old monarch have eased

Singapore in battle mode against Zika after infections rise

Sep 2, 2016

Singapore is encouraging residents to use insect repellent, clear blockages in drains and wear long-sleeved clothing to protect themselves from mosquitoes after the number of Zika virus infections rose to 189 in the city-state

Indonesia screens for Zika as Singapore infections mount

Sep 1, 2016

Indonesia is screening travelers from Singapore for the Zika virus after the city-state reported a growing number of infections and its first case of a pregnant woman testing positive

Locally transmitted Zika virus infects 41 in Singapore

Aug 28, 2016

Officials say more than 40 people have been infected locally by the Zika virus in Singapore, but most have fully recovered

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